Sympathy for Farmers

So one story that my grandmother told me when I was a little kid was a- originated from poetry from Tang Dynasty, which is like, the very like, poetry that I learn at a really early time- because every parents would teach their kids to learn this. And the- in Chinese, the poetry- sounds like something- like this [speaks in Chinese].

So if we want to translate that, it means like, it’s super hot in the middle of the noon. And some farmers are doing like, a lot of weeding. And, they are sweating under the sun. And, do you know that the food on our plate and each grain was hard earned- come from hard work.

So, my grandmother would repeat this poetry every time when we were having dinner so she said, like don’t have any leftovers after you finish each meal. So like sometimes, when I was young I like having some- several pieces of rice left. So she would force me to like finish them [laughs], so that the plate is completely clean. And at first I don’t understand, I was like she is so hard on me- pushing me to do this. But, after I grow up a little bit, I found that this is kind of like a polite thing to do. And paying appreciation to the hard work of people. And, showing sympathy for them.

So if I become a grandmother sometime [laughs] I would teach my grandkids the same thing. And- pushing them to do the same thing.